• You can enter free of charge if you bring the invitation text received after pre-registration and visit the fair's on-site registration.

Personal information handling policy and consent to use it.

  1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information.
    The personal information of visitors collected by the organizer of this exhibition is used only for sending and guiding invitations to the next exhibition.
  2. Period of retention and use of personal information.
    After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay.

  3. In principle, you have the right to refuse consent to collect personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act, and if you refuse to agree to collect, you will be restricted from entering the exhibition

Visitor information (* is a mandatory input.)

Name* Gender
Teens 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s and older.
Mobile phone* - - (Invitation Letter Receipt Number) Email* @
Classification of industries *
Primary industries (agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining) manufacturing, construction lodging and restaurant finance and real estate public institution education and service medical
Art and sports students others
  • Invitation sms will be sent to your mobile phone number, so please fill it out correctly. This information is not used for other purposes. Preschoolers and elementary school students accompanied by guardians can enter free of charge.

Visitor Survey (* is a mandatory entry.)

1. What is the purpose of watching? (You can choose the same thing over and over and over again)*

  • A. General viewing
  • B. Product Purchase
  • C. Market Research
  • D. Exploration to participate in the next Green Life Show
  • E. Other

2. What items are you interested in? (You can choose the same thing over and over and over again)*

  • A. Eco-friendly household goods
  • B. handicrafts
  • C. Organic Food
  • D. Office Supplies
  • E. Calligraphy
  • F. Upcycling
  • G. Other

3. What is the route of observation? (You can choose the same thing over and over and over again)*

  • A. Invitation letter
  • B. Outdoor advertisements
  • C. SNS (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • D. Homepage
  • E. Newsletter
  • F. Online Community
  • G. Friend's recommendation
  • H. Other

4. What side events do you wish would be held at the Green Life Show in the future?