Guide for Exhibition

For customs clearance, with plenty of time, check several particulars below and proceed.
Via the prior customs, the organizer registers the bonded area set-up.

Boned Goods(Exhibits) Arrival date in domestic

    Following appointed date is that exhibits can be arrived in.

  • Air-cargo arrival deadline to Kim-hae airport → 4 days before applying for carry-in
  • Maritime-cargo arrival deadline to Busan Port → 7 days before applying for carry-in

Documents for Shipment

Articles below are the documents for customs clearance.

(1) Marine Bills of Landing(B/L) or Air Way Bill(AWB) : 1 Copy
(2) Commercial Invoice : 1 Copy
(3) Packing List : 1 Copy
(4) Insurance Policy : 1 Copy
  • In the case of maritime cargo, all original documents for shipment or a copy of surrendered bill should be sent 3 days before arriving in Busan Port.
  • In the case of air-cargo, duplicates of all documents for shipments should be sent by FAX before arriving in In-cheon Air Port.

Consignee Appointment

In abroad, payment method for freight is "Freight Prepaid"” and Consignee should be appointed as below.

수화인 지정
Consignee Officially appointed transportation company
Notify Party Exhibition Name : 2021 Green Life Show(GLF 2021)
Name of Exhibitor :
Booth No. :
Destination Maritime Cargo : Busan Port
Air Cargo : In-cheon Airport

Inscription on the face of packing

Please inscribe on the outside of all packing for exhibits as below.

Name of Exhibitor : 2021 Green Life Show (GLF 2021)
Booth No. :
Case No. :
Dimension :
"Exhibition goods for 2021 Green Life Show (GLF 2021)"


  • On the Documents for shipment(Commercial Invoice), should be specified with quantity, price and kind based on US$.
  • All goods price on the documents of shipment should be specified by CIF value.
  • Use of all the goods on the documents of shipment should be classified as below.
    [1. Goods for carry-out after exhibition , 2. Goods for selling after exhibition , 3. Goods being consumed in exhibition]
  • Those above are necessary at customs clearance
  • Goods regarded under $5(including freight) by Korean Customs such as sample(major fuel, tobacco not included) and souvenir


  • All exhibitors are advised to have the insurance including “ALL RISK” from departure point to final destination.